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We build what you need.

You let us know where there are any gaps, and using our combined decades in communication skills coaching, we provide a customised training plan that meets your needs.

With a focus on concrete tools and easily implemented strategies, these skills can be tailored for any workspace.

About Us

No two workforces are the same, so training programs shouldn’t be either.

Our goal is to build bespoke training plans suited to the unique needs of every team. 

With decades of experience in communications training, we have pulled together dozens of modules (with more being created all the time) that are designed to help teams from all backgrounds become the best possible communicators. From using data effectively to boardroom presentation strategies to marketing pitches, there is something to benefit everyone. 

Breaking down each concept into bite-sized, 45-minute modules, our rigorously designed programs encourage people to take hold of an idea, see it in practice then learn to make it work for them.

Designed for you and your needs

General purpose programs can be great, but tailored programs are even better.

Learn how to communicate ideas relevant to your specific field and make a difference in your life.

For everyone in every workplace, the need to communicate and present has become an integral part of your job, regardless of position. The ramifications of poor communication can be dire - both for employees and employers.

So how do we help you and your team develop their communication skills?

With a general customisable Speechcraft Session, we tackle three big questions that drastically improve any presenter's skills:

    1. How to structure an engaging presentation;
    2. How to develop your personal brand and presentation style; and
    3. How to deal with questions from your audience.

By targeting these skills, we help build confidence and provide practical tools (backed up by detailed summary sheets) that can be used in a variety of real-world scenarios.

Nothing is worse than spending days combing through data and pulling together the relevant information - only to find that your audience does not quite grasp their importance.

This Speechcraft Session has been designed to help your team give meaning to their key findings.

We look at speechcraft through the lens of what a finance team needs to communicate effectively, focusing on these three core ideas:

    1. finding a narrative within data that helps listeners recognise the impacts;
    2. conveying data in an engaging way; and
    3. analysing what's happening behind the numbers to build profiles and convey your points.

By focusing on these concepts, we help to foster confidence and equip participants with skills that can be applied to various real-world situations.

Marketers are trained to build compelling conceptualisations of what they're trying to sell (or who they're trying to sell t) that allow them to demonstrate why a specific marketing approach or campaign will be particularly engaging.

But often overlooked are a few key areas we have built a program to address:

    1. Analysing the key motives of their target market and what types of verbal persuasion will be most effective in different circumstances; and
    2. Demonstrating the value of specific language choices that are accessible for both technical and non-technically focused teams.

By focusing on these ideas, we are able to make your marketing team compelling speakers no matter who is in their audience.

In the ever-changing business landscape, the need for executives to be masters of communication has never been more important.

With companies now operating across so many mediums - from in-person to Zoom and Teams - the ability to communicate in a versatile and empathetic manner is integral to success in the workplace.

This Speechcraft Session looks at three of the key areas that can drastically improve an executive's ability to not only express themselves effectively but also create a culture of healthy communication in the workplace:

    1. Establishing your personal communication brand;
    2. Developing empathetic communication; and
    3. creating healthy discourse in the workplace.

By focusing on these skills, we not only help foster confidence in individuals - we also give them the tools they need tobring out the best in their teams.

Get the most out of a Speechcraft Session!

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Check out our Templates

Our suggested module layouts can give you a taste of what we offer with some easy-to-digest, single-day Speechcraft Sessions.

Discussing your needs

Reach out to let us know about any specialised content you'd like to add or modifications you'd like to make to your planned Speechcraft Session so we can discuss the options available.

We build your program

We will go through all of our available modules and find what is best for your team - every Speechcraft Session we recommend will be personalised to your organisation's needs.

Enjoy your Speechcraft Session

Once your program is sorted, we come to you (or invite you to us) and provide the full Speechcraft Session, ensuring the participants not only get skills training but also put it to practice through a range of activities and scenarios.

Meeting goals doesn’t need to be hard.


Cycle through each step to see how you can achieve them.


We offer several pre-built template programs that can be tailored to your organisation’s needs to ensure everyone gets the most out of it.

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