Presentation Skills

Marketing course to help you tell a story!

Marketers are expected to tell a brilliant story, but what are you do when faced with things like this:

  • A client wants to redefine their customer base and you need to rework the entire target of your presentation
  • Your manager has told you the project you’ve been working on is too similar to one that was run 5 years ago and it needs to be revamped to look brand new
  • The finance team requires an internal presentation as to the current marketing budget and its use
  • You need to work on a cross divisional team within your company, to create a cohesive marketing campaign that represents everyone involved


Hone your presentations

Our tailor-made, one-day training program is meticulously crafted to bolster your communication skills. It equips you with the ability to dissect situations and pinpoint the most effective approach, considering both your target audience and objectives. Further, it’s designed to foster productive dialogues, encouraging active discussions and constructive questioning that aids in shaping your unique brand and voice within your professional environment.

This program gifts you a robust set of communication tools, ensuring that your confidence skyrockets. As a result, workplaces transform into more transparent and engaging spaces, enriched by a wider and deeper spectrum of communication. 

Understand Structure

Learn to structure your presentation with practical frameworks that you can apply to almost any presentation in the future.

Use numbers to your advantage

Don’t let numbers take over your presentation and to overwhelm what you want to say. But rather let them tell a story.

Learn to ask and answer questions the right way

Discover how to use questions to your advantage. Asking questions that engage but don’t offend, and answering questions in a comphrensive manner.

Develop your Personal Brand and Voice

Everyone’s voice comes through differently. We help you find the way to best bring yours out and make it have the biggest impact.

Module 1

Building Rapport

In a time when nearly everyone is trying to sell you or convince you of something all the time it can be difficult to build stronger relationships in business that benefit everyone. 

This module looks at how best to build up rapport with an audience to establish an underlying level of trust and allowing everyone to get on the same page with each other. 

Work out how people tick, and how you can best use that not to your advantage but to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the interaction.


Module 2 - Effectively Answering Questions

Develop your ability to create productive and effective conversations between employees and customers alike. Learn to ask effective questions framed in the right way to push discussions forward as well as how to respond to questions when you are on the pointy end of them.

Module 3 - Understanding Manner

Look beyond what you are saying and focus on how you present yourself. Dive into building your personal style of presentations and equip yourself with an effective toolbox of techniques to give you the best chance you can.

Module 4 - Presenting with Empathy

A genuine marketing presentation needs to not only tap into the practical benefits of a product or service but needs to engage with the most powerful part of human conception emotions. By learning how to utilise empathy in your presentations you’ll be able to engage the audience on a deeper level and have a much better chance of convincing them. 

Module 5 - Personal Branding

One of the most effective ways to build presentations amongst a number of people is by using storyboarding to ensure everyone is on the same page and engaged with the ideas. This is integral to a marketing team who has to coordinate with a large number of divisions on a large marketing project where everyone is trying to speak a different language.

Module 6 - Creating a Presentation with Purpose

Discover how to create presentations with distinct purposes. Explore how to define the purpose of your presentation and to use this to guide its creation, working through core messaging and calls to actions to drive your audience in a specific direction.

Module 7 - How to Present Marketing Info

Finish off the day using all of the tools you’ve learnt and apply them directly with some marketing specific excercises. Looking at how to present marketing information in a wide variety of contexts, whether that be cross team or externally. To ensure no matter the situation you can get the most out of it.

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