Presentation Skills

Learn leadership that makes all better

Leaders face many problems in business with many being able to solved by communication such as:

  • The leading of interdivisional, intercultural and intercontinental teams that face layers and layers of communication barriers
  • Interacting with increasingly complex stakeholders that require different approaches to get your message across
  • Difficulties within the workplace from employees that span generations and those that have competing interests
  • Constant stream of new communication


Develop both structure and style

This one day training program is designed to empower you to develop your own voice but also to facilitate the voice of everyone around you. With a focus on engaging people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. This course helps you see past it and work to interpret things in a more productive and powerful way.

This also exposes you to many different styles of presentations, focusing on the different contexts you might be placed in. 


Create a communication culture

Develop an understanding of how to create a safe space for teams to raise their voice, and how you can guide these voices to give you the best chance of success.

Develop Empathetic Communication

Learn the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and use key learnings to frame future communications as well as wider approaches within the workplace.

Learn to ask and answer questions the right way

Use questions to your advantage, guiding them to be positive forces in the workplace so they work for you and don’t make you work harder instead. Learn to also respond effectively tough questions to impress those around you.

Develop your Personal Brand and Voice

Everyone’s voice comes through differently. We help you find the way to best bring yours out and make it have the biggest impact.

Module 1

Creating The Culture

Communication is not just born out of a void, or solely the responsible of the individual and their own skills. Within the chain or management and executive there is a clear need to facilitate a culture of communication that without it can have significant consequences.

This module looks at how a team can be set up to ensure communication is open and honest. To prevent things going unnoticed and to allow difficult conversations to happen that provide a sense of security and comfort for employees. But also allow their manager to have a better handle on what is going on with projects and how things may be better to ensure continued success.


Module 2 - Personal Branding

Establish your own personal brand of presentations that help build your role within an organisation by looking at archetypes that allow you to see commonly successful elements. Then build your own profile from them.

Module 3 - Empathy Training

As a manager no matter what level you are at, you will find your words carry more weight and particularly in times of uncertainty the need for compassion and effective handling of emotional communication is key. This sessions hooks onto the principles of emotional inteligences and helps to train us in reframing communication with these sensitivities in mind.

Module 4 - Structuring a presentation

This module jumps into how to structure presentations providing you with concrete techniques and structures that are extremely versatile and work as a strong foundation to build your presentation skills upon throughout the rest of the course.

By giving you a strong toolkit to rely on when you create you will be able to grow your confidence and become a powerhouse in the presentation world.

Module 5 - Stakeholder Analysis

With a role that will have you dealing with a vast array of groups internal and external, you need to be able to accurately assess the wants and needs of all of them. Diving into stakeholder analysis will let you walk into a room, and take measure of everyone one at it. Giving you tools to quickly identify peoples motives and thus cater your own interactions toward meeting them.

Module 6 - Manner Essentials

Look beyond what you are saying and focus on how you present yourself. Dive into building your personal style of presentations and equip yourself with an effective toolbox of techniques to give you the best chance you can.

Module 7 - Questions Masterclass

In any role of seniority a question asked in the wrong way, can have a major impact on those who you are responsible for. Learning to frame questions in a way that creates productive communication, rather than playing a blame or negativity game is critical for longer term success.

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