Presentation Skills

Using numbers to tell a story 

Solving the problems faced when trying to communicate through numebrs:

  • You need to present to a wide group of departments in the company and communicate the nuance of your thoughts without the highly technical language you are used to
  • You spend days on data to gain a grasp on the full picture, but now you need to present this in a way that is engaging and easy to understand
  • The client you are working with understands best when you place your numbers in a way that creates a story
  • You are pulled into an executive meeting and need to defend your numbers without the time to prepare


Create a strong story from data!

This one day training program has been designed to facilitate financial departments, or those in finance/ economic focused positions to communicate better within their teams, but places a focus on allowing them to communicate across lines within the company.


Take your skills and talents to the next level to push your career forward and allow you to excel within your job. Make it easier for you to pull together presentations, and make those presentations more effective by looking into how we tell a story through numbers. 


Build a compelling story

Apply your financial acumen and use information to create compelling stories that are able to effectively demonstrate both the cause and the effects of key data points.

Make financial figures work for you

Relate to data key stakeholders and build presentations both verbally and visually that convey the meaning in succint ways.

Learn to ask and answer questions the right way

Discover how to use questions to your advantage. Asking questions that engage but don’t offend, and answering questions in a comphrensive manner.

Develop your Personal Brand and Voice

Everyone’s voice comes through differently. We help you find the way to best bring yours out and make it have the biggest impact.

Module 1

Effective Use of Data

Dive into how best to use data to tell a story that conveys its impact accurate to any audience whether they have a technical understanding or not. Use it to tell stories and create engaging slideshows that enthral the audience and bring them to your point of view.  

Module 2 - Structuring a Presentation

This module jumps into how to structure presentations providing you with concrete techniques and structures that are extremely versatile and work as a strong foundation to build your presentation skills upon throughout the rest of the course.

By giving you a strong toolkit to rely on when you create you will be able to grow your confidence and become a powerhouse in the presentation world.

Module 3 - Stakeholder Analysis

The best way to explain figures or data is in a way that is approachable to them, and aligns with their interests. So in this module we look at how to examine stakeholders or those we are presenting to and how we can best tailor our explanations to them.

This allows you to portray your information in the best way possible!

Module 4 - Effective Questioning

Develop your ability to create productive and effective conversations between employees and customers alike. Learn to ask effective questions framed in the right way to push discussions forward as well as how to respond to questions when you are on the pointy end of them.

Module 5 - Proper Manner

Look beyond what you are saying and focus on how you present yourself. Dive into building your personal style of presentations and equip yourself with an effective toolbox of techniques to give you the best chance you can.

Module 6 - Personal Branding

Establish your own personal brand of presentations that help build your role within an organisation by looking at archetypes that allow you to see commonly successful elements. Then build your own profile from them.

Module 7 - Building the culture

One of the key inhibitors to a team’s communication particularly in technical environments such as finance is an ethos and atmosphere that impedes it. In this module we look at establishing good practices for your teams, that open up communication and allow for engagement on a more deeper level. 

Work out what is stopping your team and work to overcome it with these ideas and workshop best practices for you.

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