Presentation Skills

Communication and Presentation Skills for all

Each day you are bombarded with problems like these:

  • Your direct manager wanting an impromptu briefing on what stage a project is up to
  • You get called in to participate in a discussion you are unfamiliar with as someone is sick
  • The client is asking a series of questions that are driving you mad
  • You are placed on an international team that has people working from all around the world


Develop both structure and style

This one day training program is designed to give you a leg up to your communication skills. Allowing you to analyse situations and determine what approach is going to yield the best results based upon your audience and goal. Additionally it is designed to help you have more productive questions with active discussions and positive questions that let you develop your personal brand and voice within the workplace. 

By giving you a powerful toolbox to communicate with we know that confidence will soar and workplaces will become a more open and engaging space with greater depth and breadth of communication. 


Understand Structure

Learn to structure your presentation with practical frameworks that you can apply to almost any presentation in the future.

Use numbers to your advantage

Don’t let numbers take over your presentation and to overwhelm what you want to say. But rather let them tell a story.

Learn to ask and answer questions the right way

Discover how to use questions to your advantage. Asking questions that engage but don’t offend, and answering questions in a comphrensive manner.

Develop your Personal Brand and Voice

Everyone’s voice comes through differently. We help you find the way to best bring yours out and make it have the biggest impact.

Module 1

Structuring a Presentation

This module jumps into how to structure presentations providing you with concrete techniques and structures that are extremely versatile and work as a strong foundation to build your presentation skills upon throughout the rest of the course.

By giving you a strong toolkit to rely on when you create you will be able to grow your confidence and become a powerhouse in the presentation world.

Module 2 - Effectively Answering Questions

Develop your ability to create productive and effective conversations between employees and customers alike. Learn to ask effective questions framed in the right way to push discussions forward as well as how to respond to questions when you are on the pointy end of them.

Module 3 - Understanding Manner

Look beyond what you are saying and focus on how you present yourself. Dive into building your personal style of presentations and equip yourself with an effective toolbox of techniques to give you the best chance you can.

Module 4 - Stakeholder Analysis

This module helps you target your presentations in a more effective manner. Working to analyse not only who is immediately affected by a situation but rather the cascading effects. As well as understanding examining the motives behind peoples reactions.

Module 5 - Personal Branding

Establish your own personal brand of presentations that help build your role within an organisation by looking at archetypes that allow you to see commonly successful elements. Then build your own profile from them.

Module 6 - Creating a Presentation with Purpose

Discover how to create presentations with distinct purposes. Explore how to define the purpose of your presentation and to use this to guide its creation, working through core messaging and calls to actions to drive your audience in a specific direction.

Module 7 - Commanding a Small Stage

Whether it be a board room, a team meeting or a pitch to clients the ability to command a small stage is a core skill required for any role within an organisation.  Examine how to use your manner to engage a diverse audience as well as how to take advantage of your audience size to enhance your presentations.

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